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Price: £48.00 – Product Code: DG01

The Auriga glove has a sporty perforated design with an elasticated adjustable buckle fastening which will apeal to every driver. Available in a variety of colours. Made from quality English tanned gloving leather.



Price: £50.00 – Product Code: DG02

This traditional gaunlet glove made from quality cowhide with wool pile lining. Various colours available.


Price: £14.50 – Product Code: DG03

This striking glove has a high quality leather palm, elasticated wrist and nylon back with a chequered finish. Making this glove comfortable, warm and practical.



Price: £35.00 – Product Code: DG04

A soft ecru coloured glove crochet back combined with a cape skin palm gives ultimate flexibility and sensational feel.



Price: £44.00 – Product Code: DG05

Comfortable, soft and practical. This glove has an elasticated dome wrist which makes for a well fitting product.


Price: £60.00 – Product Code: DG06

An attractive gauntlet gloves made from high class gloving leather. A choice of colours on request.


Price: £22.00 – Product Code: DG07

This well established glove with leather palm and cloth back is both comfortable and offers extraordinary grip.


Price: £48.00 – Product Code: DG08

This great looking glove made in two toned colours with elasticated strap with fastening. Manufactured in soft gloving leather.



Price: £42.50 – Product Code: PG01

The traditional style pilot glove; made from the finest quality gloving leather (as used by the RAF), with elasticated wrist and extended length. Robust but soft and comfortable providing excellent sensitivity.




Price: £33.50 – Product Code: PG02

Same characteristics as ‘Altay’ above, but to wrist length only.



Price: £46.00 – Product Code: FG01

This very popular glove is warm and comfortable and is available with a choice of linings. Made from the finest gloving leather.


Price: £46.00 – Product Code: FG02

This warm, classic and comfortable glove comes with an elasticated palm and adjustable strap on the back. Made from the finest gloving leather. A choice of lining is available.


Price: £32.00 – Product Code: FG03

This timeless ladies classic is available lined or unlined. Made from the finest gloving leather.


Price: £39.00 – Product Code: FG04

A warm, soft and stylish glove. For everyday use or those special occasions. Made from the finest gloving leather with a variety of linings available.



Price: £75.00 – Product Code: LG01

Made from suede lambskin and curly lamb wool lining this makes for an ultra-cosy and comfortable glove.


Price: £62.00 – Product Code: LG02

Combining a cape leather palm with a lambskin back this glove offers softness, warmth and practicability. An elasticated wrist ensures a close fit.



Price: £27.50 – Product Code: SM01

Traditional sheepskin mitten machine sewn. A choice of colours is available on request.