Fashion Gloves

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Prices shown below are for unlined gloves only. Lined gloves are available at additional cost of:

  • * £4.00 for wool
  • * £7.00 for silk
  • * £10.00 for cashmere

All prices are inclusive of VAT.


Price: £46.00 – Product Code: FG01

This very popular glove is warm and comfortable and is available with a choice of linings. Made from the finest gloving leather.


Price: £46.00 – Product Code: FG02

This warm, classic and comfortable glove comes with an elasticated palm and adjustable strap on the back. Made from the finest gloving leather. A choice of lining is available.


Price: £32.00 – Product Code: FG03

This timeless ladies classic is available lined or unlined. Made from the finest gloving leather.


Price: £39.00 – Product Code: FG04

A warm, soft and stylish glove. For everyday use or those special occasions. Made from the finest gloving leather with a variety of linings available.