Who is Alain Leathers?
British Top quality leather and sheepskin manufacturer


Alain Leathers established in 1987 by Alan P Tucker, is a manufacturer of a wide selection of the finest top quality leather and sheepskin products, ranging from jackets, gloves, helmets, belts etc., to basically any other item of sheepskin/leather ware that the customer may require such as hats, aprons, coasters, document holders to name just a few.  Products can be specifically designed to customer‘s own requirements.

Alain Leathers operates a “made to order” policy; by doing so it guarantees that the products ordered to specified measurements will ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Alain Leathers experience in the leather and sheepskin field is second to none and can guarantee to manufacture products with special emphasis on top quality at prices representing best value for money.

Alain Leathers is proud of the feedback it receives from satisfied customers who regularly praise the high standard of workmanship realising that the finished product is beyond their wildest dreams.

Repairs and Alterations can be undertaken.

Mission Statement: To continue to meet Customer requirements and to excel in providing best quality, workmanship and services.

Vision Statement: To strive to extend product scope to satisfy Customer requirements by means of new/latest designs, whilst maintaining the best in terms of quality, workmanship and services.

Thank you for visiting the website of Alain Leathers and we hope that you find it to your liking. We are here to serve.

Happy shopping!

Alan P Tucker.


Note: Alain Leathers wish to thank all owners/organisations/photographers for permitting the use of photographs in the construction of this website.